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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the Search Engine?

Top Left Corner of Homepage


  • How quick is delivery? 

Very fast and accommodating! Order by 9am metro melbourne for same day delivery. Otherwise next business day. Only Monday to Friday.  Deliveries outside Melbourne are sent by Courier or Registered post and usually dispatch within 1 business day.

  • How much does delivery cost?

Metro Melbourne is a flat $13.48 delivery fee. Make the most of this and order up! 

We welcome orders outside Metro Melbourne. Vic Country $20 flat.  There is a fixed shipping rate applied to all orders based on postcode. Sydney Metro for example is $20. However if items are very heavy or bulky shipping will be more. We will contact you but try to select small and light items. Toilet paper (bulky) and slabs of drinks (heavy) are usally not cost effective. Please email for delivery quotes. Please provide the product/s you're after. Important: We CANNOT yet send perishables outside Melbourne.

For Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast use our QLD website

  • What is the relationship between and Costco Wholesale?

Fairdinks acquires it products from Costco and conveniently delivers. There is no formal relationship between Fairdinks and Costco but we work closely together.

  • How does range and prices compare? has chosen the most featured and popular products from each category. 

Fairdinks applies small margins, typically 5% to 20% on products. This covers price fluctuations and logistics.  Often prices are cheaper at Fairdinks than in store due to time lags. 

Something you cannot find that is at Costco? Please ask and we can have it online within a day.

  • How do I reorder items which I have previously ordered from Fairdinks?

  • How do Fairdinks prices compare to Coles Online?

We've compared a basket of groceries from Fairdinks against Coles Online. There were 21 items.

Coles cost $586 while Fairdinks was $354. That's $231 less or 40%.

See the summary HERE, or the full basket of goods HERE.

* Comparsion done in May 2012

* Prices based on same volume of goods bought

  • Going to Costco yourself but need help with delivery?

Call us 0408 141 005. We are at Costco everyday. Look for our truck and refrigerated vans. Delivery charges are different than online prices but we look after Costco members. Delivery generally ranges from $50 to $150 depending on what you want delivered and where. Any location nearer to Costco is at the lower price end.

  • Why join

Our supplier Costco is a winner and finally provides quality and value shopping options for Australians- especially small businesses. If you have not yet visited this amazing operation we recommend you do and see for yourself this new phenomenon.

However visits can be fraught with nightmare car parking, long queues and will take you or your employees out of action for hours.

Join for free, buy simply and securely online, get deliveries fast, and stay focused on your business or family. If you compare our prices they are very close to what you will find in store. We are certain you will save money by having deliver for you.

  • Referral Program

If you are a happy Fairdinker then we'd love you to tell your friends. Please join the Fairdinks Referral Program and receive $5 store credit.

Thanks for saying good things about us. We are thrilled by the consistent feedback - we need more people to know about the great service!

  • What does the name Fairdinks represent?

'Fairdinkum' is a uniquely Australian expression meaning true and genuine. As in 'We offer Docklands products online and will deliver within 24 hours - Fairdinkum'.

'Dinks' is another uniquely Australian word meaning 'to give someone a lift on the back of a bicycle to get somewhere faster'.

Thus 'Fairdinks' expresses genuine, helpful, movement, fast delivery.